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Sy’s unique life and 3 decades of ministry have inspired and encouraged audiences from London’s Royal Albert Hall to many of the world’s most influential pulpits.

Regarded as a gifted communicator, award winning talk show host, recording artist, and pastoral care specialist, Sy is a leading voice regarding sexuality, cultural themes and God’s character.

Married since 1982, Sy and his family have lived in Singapore, New Zealand and the USA. Sy is currently based in Auckland New Zealand, and his ministry continues globally.

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Sy has opportunity to speak in services and/or conduct teaching and seminar events for widely varied groups.

Sy has spoken in chapel events, classrooms, and also has his own 45 hour/3 credit course, “Sexuality and Contemporary Culture”, available for your school. Continuing Education Credits can be obtained in Sy’s seminar events.

In addition to church and conference events, Sy conducts his globally popular seminars on a variety of topics, including:

  • Pastoral care training
  • Parenting and youth workers training
  • Marriage and singles enrichment events
  • Cultural trends

Sy also values opportunities in Christian higher education.

From Chapel events to guest lecture modules in the classroom, Sy’s material ranges from 4-hour to 20-hour lecture modules, as well as his 45 hour/3 credit course “Sexuality and Contemporary Culture” (available for your school).

Sy speaks in a wide variety of venues, events & congregations around the world. Here’s a sample (click the image to see location).

Frequently Asked Questions about Sy Speaking

What does Sy talk about?

In a typical church service, I share insights from my own life journey. The Bible teaches us that we are much better able to offer comfort and encouragement if we have known it for ourselves. I’ve learned years ago, that while I may not be able to solve people’s problems, I can hope to encourage–maybe even inspire them onward.

In my more formal seminar events, I provide training for pastoral workers regarding sexual and relationship issues—the Church is generally not thought of as being very redemptive in addressing these common concerns, so I present material designed to enhance understanding why Christians have sexual struggles…and what can be done to more effectively address such concerns.

More specifically, my seminars offer practical, proven insights addressing such questions as:

  • How big is the problem of sexual brokenness in our church?
  • Why DO Christians and Church Leaders have such problems?
  • Why haven’t we addressed such concerns better?
  • As a Leader, how can I understand and provide better pastoral care of others?
  • What can I do to manage my own vulnerabilities better?
So what kind of groups does Sy speak for?

All kinds: from major regional or denominational conferences and seminars, to my own seminar events. Whether it’s Promise Keepers or Women’s groups, Youth Festivals, University groups, or Professional Groups such as medical workers or counselors, inmates or pastors, I enjoy a wide range of opportunities.

Pastoral training, especially related to sexual concerns is very vital, so Bible Colleges, seminaries, and pastors conferences are a high priority to me. I have guest lectured or conducted courses for a wide variety of such institutions, on every continent over the past 15 years, and have seen a marked shift toward more redemptive attitudes. This plays out cross culturally and across denominational lines as well, where I’ve served practically every facet of Christiandom: Catholic, Protestant, charismatic and avowedly not, liberal & conservative, It’s been a great education to observe and participant in it all. It also helps me appreciate that God is not interested in one homogenized church culture.

What are popular messages of Sy’s?

Sy offers a selection of messages addressing sexual and relational and social issues, all themed on God’s redemptive character. The following is a partial list of Sy’s most popular presentations, all timed at about one hour in duration. These messages are appropriate for a variety of Christian meetings and settings.

One of the Boys

Sy shares his own journey of sexual and emotional abuse and brokenness, the resulting confusion it created, and the dramatic intervention that changed the course of his life. Whether you or your family are facing similar struggles or you want a better understanding of these issues and the character of God, this encouraging and inspiring message is for you.

Why Christians Will Have Sexual Struggles

Christians are often ashamed to admit what everyone knows: Being a Christian does not make one immune to sexual passions. We WILL struggle with sexuality, and this important message shares five key points explaining why – and what can be done to more effectively address our sexual vulnerabilities. Especially important for pastoral care and youth workers!

Keeping Clean in My Dirty World: Dealing with Past
and Present Slime and Grime.

Becoming a Christian from a history of sexual sin, I had to learn how to make Jesus the Lord over my life. Though God forgace my sins, I still had to address my thought life and memories. I also had to learn how to navigate in a sexualized culture that would slime and defile me. In spite of the weaknesses within, and the risks around me, I have learned vital and encouraging survival skills – insights I’ll share with you so you can also stay cleaner and on track in your dirty world.

The Power of Forgiveness: How Jesus Healed My Wounded, Weary and Embittered Heart
Retraining Your Brain: the Partnership of Biology and the Bible in Renewing Your Mind
Realistic Expectations: What Redemption Will & Will Not Do for You… and Why it Takes Time to Get Better

In my years of pastoral care, I’ve seen a common problem rarely addressed: Christians have many assumptions about God and their faith – many of which are unrealistic, even mistaken. It’s no wonder we get disillusioned. This popular message highlights and contrasts mistaken vs. realistic expectations about redemption and the process of change.

The Three Key Ways We Wreck Relationships…And What to Do About That.
Relapse Prevention: Maintaining Your Integrity in a World of Risk Within and Around You.
What Works For Me: Characteristics of Those Who Overcome Sexual Struggles.
The Truth Exposed: 4 Things I’ve Discovered About God That You Need to Know.
Sins of Sodom: It’s Not What You’re Thinking.
Three Things My Church Did Right Getting Me Back on Track

When I left my sexual lifestyle twenty-five years ago, Christians in my church often felt inadequate to know what to do to help me. Yet my church DID get it right where it really counted, and consequently helped me grow beyond my past. If you want a healthier, more effective church family, cell or support group, then these three keys are vital!

Redeeming Pop Culture

Film as one of God’s New Wineskins…and Why Would He Do That?

Sy in the Hotseat: Answers to Your Questions About God, Sex, Culture and Sy

Again, this is only a partial list, but represents a selection of some of Sy’s popular topics. Let us know if you would be interested in a more detailed description for one of these, or a listing of additional messages.

How do I book Sy to speak?
  • How much do you charge?
  • How much time do you need?
  • Can we copy your messages?
  • How do we promote your event?

Once you confirm a booking date with me, my office will send to you an information kit with all kinds of helpful details to provide clarity in your planning—and to answer all these and many other questions. My calendar books several months to a year in advance, so let us hear from you soon.

If you are interested in booking, see HOW TO BOOK SY.

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