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From worship leader to songwriter to performing in clubs around the world, Sy’s ventures in music may surprise you.

Sy Rogers Recollection


From acoustic to worship to post punk, retro, and electronica too… in churches and clubs and festivals and performance centers, writing for himself and others, Sy has been amazed by the wide variety of artistic expression he’s been allowed to experience beyond the spoken word messages he’s best known for.

Sy’s hope is that these songs — these loopy, dance-pop-rock-ballad-retro-electro tracks chosen on this compilation will indeed speak Light and Love to your soul!

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Recollection Review

“Covering more than a decade of recording…this compilation covers a lot of ground and manages to still be interesting unlike some dance music that now sounds really dated. Sy who is best known as a speaker, presents here some truly great loops & rhythms, lyrics from the heart and some incredibly catchy melodies that have stood the text of time…from the links between biology, theology & neurology ‘In My Head’–modern lifestyles & values, ‘Beautiful People Acting Ugly’, ‘Jet Set’, ‘Media Slaves’, moving on to personal struggles with desire & rejection: ‘Can I Get A Witness’, & ‘One of the Boys’ and finishing with God’s character: ‘Judge of the Earth’ & ‘Oasis’. If you like your dance music on the poppy side with occasional touch of grunge guitar, this is definitely worth getting hold of.” Tim for CrossRhythms Magazine UK

Sy describes his album, Recollection:

“I suppose it’s cliché to say I began singing in the church—harmony parts with a friend who was a professional singer. Eventually, I began writing and singing my own material in services—it was acoustic, folk oriented music—a world away from my current pop sound. While I am more lyricist than performer, I do enjoy seeing my own art brought to life—especially in the creative, collaborative recording process! That began for me after moving to Asia…

While living in Singapore, I had, among other things, become one of the worship leaders in a major church. During this time I was introduced to a commercial producer who, remarkably enough, initiated my first album, an Asian dance-pop cultural critique. Later, that led to my role as one of two lead vocalists in a radical, evangelistic touring rock operetta, “Primordial,” with the European band, ‘No Longer Music’. The storyline featured God’s character ‘on trial’ in a world of suffering and injustice. We performed in hard core and mainstream clubs around the world. It was an amazing experience I must write about one day. My assumptions were challenged to see so many respond to God in those very unlikely environments. Once the tour was over, my family and I settled in New Zealand, where the tour had rehearsed and launched. The tour album begun in Germany was completed in New Zealand. I also signed with the Parachute Music label and recorded two more albums, one of which was produced in Melbourne, Australia, and featured a cool dance-pop remake of ‘Bette Davis Eyes’—the only song I’ve ever covered.

My material emphasizes social commentary and my own spiritual perspective. I write from my observations and experience, and personal journey too. I’ve been very grateful for the feedback I’ve received from those who tell me how my songs have spoken to them. Perhaps the most rewarding part of all has been working with such a cast of amazing people—they have not only made the most of my very limited ability but have demonstrated character greater than their considerable talents.


A collection from Sy’s band vegaschurchboy of cool urban electronica, ranging from classic dance tracks to ambient and atmospheric trip hop – all spiritually themed and God conscious to feed your body, soul and spirit. Ten original tracks for those who like an alternative to mainstream music.

Deep Reviews

“A must have for any dance enthusiast… there’s nodoubt this album could compete with any mainstream top-notch dance act.” Kelly Smith, CrossRhythyms Magazine, London

“This is a must have – 5 stars out of 5!” 
Andrew Tierney, Parachute Music Cyberstore, Auckland

“…Could well set the new benchmark for the fledgling world of Christian electronica… a well crafted album with some great tracks!”
 Nick Batt, New Zealand Music Magazine

“This is mind-blowingly good music… creative, intelligent Christian engagement with the dance/electronic music genre.” 
Chris Benge, Reality Magazine, Wellington


This lush Australian production features ten original retro-80’s pop rock, pop-dance and pop ballad tracks — plus a clever remake of ‘Betty Davis Eyes’, all themed on Sy’s life journey. This CD features the fantastic Warner artist ‘Roma’ on three tracks.

Communicate Reviews

“…Sy Rogers is obviously an exceptional talent with an amazing testimony…This album is a must for all…This man communicates!” Alan Chesters, Crossrhythms Magazine (Issue No.60, Dec. 2000 / Jan. 2001 London UK)

“Bowie, Devo and Kraftwerk spring to mind…’Communicate’ is one not to miss…Not only is he a passionate and witty speaker, but also a gifted songwriter…the cover version of Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes is worth the price of admission alone…4 out of 5 stars!” Max Vole, The Street (July 2000)

“For the tired, worn out, thirsty traveller, Sy Rogers’ soul-searching ballad “Oasis” is just what the doctor ordered.” AIRPLAY Magazine (Autumn 2000/Australia)


Sy’s role as vocalist-performer in the glam-rock, post-punk industrial operetta “Primordial” is captured on CD. Recorded in Germany and New Zealand during and after the four continent world tour, during Sy’s involvement with the Euro-evangelistic band, ‘No Longer Music’.

Primordial Reviews

“Techno. Industrial. Noise. Glam. NLM reinvents itself yet again with another compelling collection of songs birthed in the nightclubs of Europe, Asia and the U.S.” Steve Knight (Internet Editor, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)


Sy’s debut album of nine original songs was released internationally in 1996 on the Singaporean label MTX. Though just a humble studio album for the local market, Metropolis was eventually distributed in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Based loosely on the 1926 Fritz Lang cult film of the same name, Metropolis is a satirically dark view of society, dressed in a retro Asian dance pop style.

Metropolis Reviews

“A great blend of danceble numbers and pop ballads. Very refreshing both in content & style” Greg Crawshaw Sydney Australia DJ for On Being Magazine

“Catchy. Inventive. An intriguing album, classily produced and packaged.” Tony Cummings CrossRhythms Magazine, London

“Makes for great bopping with dark insightful commentary to stir the mind and conscience.” Teens Magazine

“His album sizzles with images and lifestyles of the 90’s-sex, consumerism, urban anxiety” The New Paper

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