I am so grateful you would choose to visit my site…thank you for your interest in my ministry. Make no mistake though, my ministry efforts are not geared toward self improvement, or even recovery from life controlling problems. Though such outcomes are worthy goals, I view them as beneficial by-products or consequences of the real point!

The real point of my life and ministry, even this website, is to point you to God. I want you to be re-connected with your Creator. I want you to ‘make things right with God’, and be reconciled with Him, on His terms. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Having studied and/or experienced other spiritualities, I am now convinced that Jesus is the means through which you and I can be reconciled to God. The terms “Christ” and “Messiah” pretty much mean the same thing: ‘The Chosen One, appointed by God, to fulfill the mission of reconciling humans with God’.

Christ’s life and teachings reveal to us the loving heart of God, who desires to be the center of our lives, AND challenges us to treat others as we would wish to be treated. It is THIS that God wants: right relating with Him and others…not ‘religious culture’.Christ’s sacrificial death enables us to be forgiven for our sins when we admit them to God…so that we can be regularly cleansed from our corrupt thoughts and deeds, and therefore re-establish and benefit from relationship with God.

Christ’s resurrection from death encourages us that corruption, injustice, aging, death and judgement need not be our final destiny IF we will believe and embrace Jesus as The Messiah.

THIS IS THE “GOOD NEWS” that Jesus was talking about…but don’t take my word for it. IF any of this really matters to you…then use that good mind God gave you and research it for yourself. Read God’s ‘New Contract’ with humans…that is, the New Testament, especially the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Sure, there are glaring flaws and inconsistencies within Christianity. That’s the reality of human nature. Sure there are unanswered questions about the invisible, intangible God and His mysterious ways. Sure, there are those who question the authority and authenticity of the Bible, either rejecting or reinterpreting it. BUT at the end of the day…all those matters don’t matter as much as what really does matter:

God IS, and you will face Him…please get right with God and on His terms. There may be much you don’t know or understand, but the most important thing can be known and experienced: You CAN be reconciled with God, because of Christ.

While there is so much I don’t know, I am convinced that God IS, and that He is Good in spite of all the evil that goes on here on Earth–I guess that’s where ‘faith’ in His character comes in. I am also convinced that my sins and weaknesses need not separate me from God…but instead, should propel me toward Him that I may benefit from His generous mercy and grace and encouragement.

He may not be tangible in the material sense…but I have learned that–like millions of others– His effect upon my life IS tangible. I pray that will be your experience too!

THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to share my view with you. Here are some concluding comments and prayers for your consideration…

Prayers from the Anglican Handbook

Happy are those whose sins are forgiven…whose wrongs are pardoned. I will confess my sin to the Lord. I will not conceal my wrong doings.

God forgives and heals us. We need your healing merciful God. Give us true repentance. Some sins are plain to us…some escape us. Some we cannot face. Forgive us. Set us free to hear your word to us. Set us free to serve you.

Merciful God, we have sinned in what we have thought and said. In the wrong we have done and in the good we have not done. We have sinned in ignorance. We have sinned in weakness. We have sinned thru our own deliberate fault. We are truly sorry. We repent and turn back to you. Forgive us for our Saviour Christ’s sake, and renew our lives to the Glory of Your Name.

If You Have Prayed This Prayer Sincerely

Please consider letting me know…