Love @ Risk


Why we still struggle… and what we can do about it
Video Download – 60min



Who doesn’t struggle with sexuality to some degree. But for so many Christians, the religious notion is that Christian’s should not have such struggles…and if they do, then they are bad, and God is mad! Neither point is true. Such natural struggles reflect our humanity and it’s vulnerability. God is not mad. Rather, He is the compassionate Father, the empathetic Saviour and empowering Advocate we can run to…not from, in our times of struggle. This session explains WHY we are so vulnerable–not as lament nor criticism, but rather, to identify aspects that set us up for struggle. In light of this, Sy then shares WHAT we can do about these factors, after all, if there is a problem, there IS a redemptive solution! Discover the insights in this ‘shame-free’ zone of learning!