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Sy is a leading voice regarding God’s character, cultural themes & sexuality. He is passionate to see people equipped to better understand and manage their vulnerabilities–and inspire them about God’s love & redemption.

Sy has produced a variety of material for this purpose. Check out his online downloadable material below (CLICK ON IMAGE FOR A FULL DESCRIPTION) :

icon-disclaimer Disclaimer

Sy Rogers Resources offer inspirational insights to encourage one’s personal, Christian faith journey, as well as provide insight to enhance pastoral care.

Please note the following important clarifications:

  1. Sy’s resources are intended ONLY for emotionally stable, mature audiences of 18 years and older – parents, guardians, teachers please be advised: sexual themes and mature content are discussed. 
  2. These resources are NOT INTENDED for ‘evangelism’ – DO NOT give them unsolicited to others. Be wise and be sensitive regarding the feelings and values of others. Never use Sy’s resources in an attempt to ‘pressure’ anyone about faith, feelings or conduct.
  3. Please also note that Sy is not a professional therapist nor is he offering therapeutic assistance through his resources. Sy offers inspirational pastoral insights from his own journey and ministry experience. These products are not a substitute for professional evaluation and assistance.
  4. Sy always encourages you to act responsibly for yourself and those you care about, by seeking informed, professional help. Please use wisdom and discretion when making personal disclosure, especially if involved with online or self-help services.
  5. Defective CD or DVD? Even the best production houses can experience a glitch in manufacturing. If you discover that you’ve purchased a rare defective audio CD or DVD of one of Sy’s products, return it to us for a free replacement.

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